School life

What makes IQBALIA different?

School-Parent Partnership

Perhaps the most unique feature of the school is the home visits conducted by staff to build healthy relations and involve families in the education of their children. Parents and caretakers are required to attend all meetings planned in the school calendar to discuss their wards progress with staff. Parents are recognized as principal stakeholders and invited to be a part of school community through volunteering seminars, picnics and home visits, and as members of the parent Teachers Association.

Co cirricular

Art and craft, ICT, character education, music, Turkish as a foreign language, and value education, karate, indoor and outdoor sports are a part of the regular scheme of studies .Students are offered compulsory Telugu as a third language in accordance with the NCERT three language formula .Life skills are embedded in the school curriculum land linked to assessment as well.

Community Links and International Exposure

Community Links: Regular field visits and engagement with community resources further enrich the students learning experience.

International Exposure: Outdoor learning opportunities are provided both with school terms & during vacations and range from short 2 days camps to 7-15 days of international visits.

Student Council

Ample opportunities for development of leadership skills are provided to students as they are elected to a student council and learn the basics of good governance by organizing and managing school events and functions. The elected body comprising School-captain and vice-captain, Sports –captain and vice –captain, the four House-captains and vice captains, presidents of various clubs. The council is involved in behaviour management of students, managing assembly, dispersal and break-time discipline, and organizing school events. The student council has a voice in choosing programmes, serves on the school magazine “Musings” editorial board and represents the student body at board meetings.


The various clubs in the school are:
. Book Worms United : Reading club

. Galileo’s Group : Astronomy Club

. The Green Patrol : Nature club

. The Bards : Literary club

.The Mathematicians : The Math club

. Questia : The Science club

. Helping Hands : The Social Service club

.Cine Fans : The Movie club

The school also offers international exposure, with students participating in science fairs, Olympiad and various cultural festivals around the globe.

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