About us

IQBALIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL was established by the Educational Endowment Trust for promoting National, International, Intercivilizational and Intercultural peace, Harmony and Dialogue through education in 2014

The fundamental purpose of IQBALIA School is to provide education of 21st Century

What makes us different?

The IQBALIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Jublee Hills is part of the IQBALIA Group run by the Educational Endowment Trust. Educational Endowment Trust is a non-profit organization, incorporated and registered in India with main object of imparting world class education to the students through various schools set up/run/ managed by the Trust all over India Therefore at IIS, we provide ample opportunities for students to keep pace with developments in science and technology. But we also believe that success cannot come with just technological advancement. Real success in life can only be achieved with a judicious balance of good scientific knowledge and sound universal values, the two wings that will enable our students to soar high in the competitive world. We are fully aware of the challenge of the task at hand, but with the help of our experienced and dedicated team, and the cooperation of parents, we are confident that our students will contribute to the development of the society they live in and take active part n the growth of their nation, and will be instrumental in changing the world positively

Vision & Mission

  • To contribute towards building a modern and harmonious society by raising a generation that is as rooted in scientific spirit and technological knowledge, as is grounded universal values.
  • To provide an intellectually stimulating environment where students gain knowledge and skills needed for success on the 21stcentury
  • To provide opportunities for moral development and social growth so that students show acceptance of people of all faith and cultures, respect individual freedom, denounce all forms of violence and extremism and promote universal brotherhood and peace.
  • To involve community in the process of education for effective deployment as well as development of Human Resources.

Join us for a bright furture